Welcome To the B.I.T. Productions website.

Who We Are ?

Established in 1995 to create uplifting dance music, the first release in December 1995 was by The Crowdpleasers "I Want You To Know" on white label.

Over the next 5 years, a further 19 records were released as well as doing remixes for other artists before a near 20 year hiatus followed.

On 10th January 2021, a presale started for the first new B.I.T. Productions record in 20 years to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of B.I.T. Productions inception, BIT25-1 Sarasota "We're Gettin' Hot" Limited Edition Collector's Edition Double Pack Promos on coloured vinyl with splatter effects. The stock arrived in March 2021 and within 10 days, all of the copies were gone.

Fortunately, general stock of the Sarasota "We're Gettin' Hot" was ordered on 2 separate 12"s on Ecomix vinyl and they went on sale in November 2021.

More projects have been completed with BIT25-2 The Crowdpleasers "It's Gonna Be Alright" due to land in February 2022 and BIT25-3 having an expected delivery date of March 2022.

There are many other projects underway so after a long lay-off, B.I.T. Productions are looking to release 4 or 5 new Limited Edition 12" vinyls in 2022 with more into 2023 and beyond.

Join us on the journey.